Ski Trip Packing List

Ski Trip Musts

You know what I love about ski trips?  It is simple fun.  In fact the simplicity takes me back to college: fleeces, jeans, lip gloss and beer.  On a cold day, even though there were only a few in Austin, we would throw on a Patagonia, jeans and with a little lip gloss head to class. And of course, there was always a plan to drink beer somewhere. **flashback- Cain & Abel’s**

Well, when I think about packing for our upcoming ski trip I realize it is a fairly (and I use the word loosely) minimal vacation.  Truthfully, there isn’t really a need for a ton of accessories or extravagant wardrobe changes.  Ski wear for the day, and for the night jeans, sweaters, and snow boots.  I am really looking forward to hitting the slopes, again.  It has been too long.  I cannot wait to fly down the mountain and reward myself with a Colorado pint.

With packing in mind I thought I would share a few ski trip musts.

1LL Bean Boat and Tote Bag– The good or cheesy news is you can monogram the bag in which I love monogramming items. Brian always makes fun of me.  I have this tote without the zipper, and strangers know my name because “Karra” is slapped on the side.  And that’s cheesy, I know, and I don’t care.  It is a great carry-on tote, then at your destination, whether you are at a ski lodge or beach, you can haul your stuff in it.

2. Sweaters/Fleece– or both.  It is an easy layer, keeps you warm and depending the look, simple chic.  And I found a similar sweater at BCBG.  Have you checked out their 60% sale??!

3. Knit Hat– This particular Kate Spade hat is a little spunky. I tend to buy more neutral colors, with little character.  Either way, on the slopes knit hats keep the head and ears warm and at night can be a practical accessory.

4. Ski Jacket– Patagonia and North Face are two of my favorite outdoor brands.  This year I found a great North Face jacket at Whole Earth.  The two things I love about the jackets are: its versatility and durability.  Under extremely cold temperatures the jackets are made to layer within it and for cool, rainy days can be used as a light windbreaker.  The materials are lightweight and withstand years of wear.

5. Ski Pants– Whole Earth was good to me.  In fact Brian and I found our key ski staples there, including these pants.  Functionally, I cannot comment, yet, but they are cute and flattering.

6. Snow Boots– Now, I saw these shoes in the J-Crew catalog and thought they were perfect.  In fact I am regretting I did not buy them this morning.  The 1-2 business day delivery made me nervous because I need them tomorrow.  At any rate snow boots are a must.  The last time I visited a location with snow I wore cowboy boots, probably the easiest way to scream, “I am a Texan” or “idiot.”  Before tomorrow I have to find a cute pair of snow boots.

7. Simple Accessory– I am a big fan of earrings.  It is the one accessory that makes a difference.  It completes your look.  Of course, if your ears aren’t pierced, then this statement is irrelevant.   Nevertheless, I have a pair similar to the ones illustrated, and I like them because the design looks good with my hair up or down. More importantly, I have found them to stay put in the most challenging circumstances, such as water skiing.  A small earring such as a stud work with a casual, simple outfit, make-up/no make-up— perfect for a laid-back vacation in the mountains.